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Thomas Schmidt

Hello! My name is Thomas. I studied economics at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. In 2011 I became interested in cryptocurrencies and made my first investment steps. In general, I’ve been in cryptocurrency trading for 9 years and I want to share my experience with you.

You may have come across a website that promises things and features that seem too good to be true and your first thought may have been that it is a fake website or a deceptive parody. However, since the offer really isn’t to be missed, you would have done a quick search to see if you could verify these claims for yourself. Well, all those hours of digging and researching a site will no longer be necessary. The X website gives you all the details you need with one click.

Why do I need an online broker?

Whichever financial asset you choose, the first thing you need to do is access major stock markets to get the latest prices for the asset you want to invest in. The manual way would be to contact a broker to help you make trades. But nowadays it is known that many brokers are fleeing with their clients’ funds. So the next best thing is to go to an online trading site and do the trades on your own. This way you are in full control of your profits and losses.

What are we looking for?

On the Makebitcoins.de website, our ratings are 100% based on independent fact-checking and research carried out by our team of transparent and reliable auditors. They are familiar with the art of crypto trading and know exactly what a new crypto site is all about to determine its legality and usability. Here are just a few of the things they look out for and comment on in the reviews listed on the Makebitcoins.de website.


The legitimacy of the website is an important factor, especially when it comes to investing money. Our experienced auditors keep an eye out for operating licenses, awards and certifications that the website has received from a reputable regulatory agency. This gives a clear indication that the website is indeed a trading platform and not a scam.


Security is the next important issue. Since trading involves endless amounts of exchanges and trades, it is critical that the data is encrypted to protect both the users and the website owners. A secure site also increases the trust factor of the trading platform.

Simple transactions

When depositing investments or withdrawing profits, smooth transactions are always valued. Our auditors also check if these websites have multiple payment gateways, which makes it easier for users to conduct transactions on each trading site.

Trading functions

The Trading Toolkit creates or breaks the site. Features like market index charts, projection tools, news tickers, market monitoring functions and more are key to enabling traders to study the market and make the right trades to make a significant profit on such websites.